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Workplace Safety Games

Workplace Safety Games

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The "Work Experience" Game:    
This games gives you a great introduction to Work Experience and how you can prepare for it.  
The "Play it Safe" Game:    

In this game you have to identify hazards that are shown to you in a series of photos. You only have 30 seconds to find each set and the faster you can do it, the more bonus points you get - so you are racing the clock.

The "Hunt For Hazards" Game:    
See if you can identify the hazards in different work places.  
The "Ladder Challenge" Game:    

This game is mainly aimed at Construction and the use of ladders (but can apply in any situation where you might use a ladder.

The "Virtual Office" Game:    
Spot hazards in an office workplace.  
The "Virtual Hotel" Game:    
Spot hazards in a hotel.  
The "Virtual Supermarket" Game:    
Spot hazards in a supermarket.